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All Star Prep Teams

Limited Travel & Local Performances

These are cost friendly teams that compete and perform at local events and two out of town travel events. These teams are a great option for athletes getting started in All Star!


Idaho Cheer Prep Teams are a great way to enter the sport. Their season is a year long commitment starting in June and ending in May however we do accept enrollments throughout the season (when possible). Prep & Novice teams perform at local events, parades and competitions all year round. These teams practice 1.5-2 hours per week depending on their age. The monthly tuition for  limited travel teams will be $150 per month. This will includes competition fees, music and choreography. The one time uniform cost is $165.

  • It is a great introduction to cheer and will train your athlete in the skills needed to be a competitive cheerleader, without the costs of intense competition and travel.  Enjoy all the aspects of competitive cheer with less time and financial obligations.

  • No experience required.  We will train your child on how to be a successful cheerleader. 

Tryout Date: Thursday June 1.


Information for Tryouts: 

  • All paperwork must be turned in and signed prior to the athlete being admitted to the tryout. 

  • Meetings with the gym director can be scheduled prior to tryouts if you would like to discuss any goals or concerns about your athlete.

  • The “assessment” aspect of tryouts will be closed to spectators. This will occur beginning at 6:00pm of the tryout day.

  • Tryouts will be based on skills assessment. We will evaluate athletes throughout the learning process and make initial placements based on what we see at tryouts and what we know of athletes’ prior cheer performance. 

  • Summer practices will begin June 12th. April and May practice will continue to be split the current season teams and we will continue to offer skill development. Any new students are welcome to jump into those classes by invitation. Email to set up a time to be evaluated for an opening.

  • If you cannot make it on the prescribed tryout day, please contact to arrange a private tryout.



TRYOUT FEE $90 (early bird) the fee is non-refundable. This fee will increase after April 15th. The fee is applied to your yearly competition fees.


TRYOUT PLACEMENTS:  Athletes will be placed on teams based on their age and skill level. The staff takes into consideration all aspects of an athletes readiness including tumbling, stunting ability, choreography readiness, as well as the well being of the athlete as a whole. 


TEAM LEVELS: The level of each team will be determined by the coaching staff. Factors we consider are the safety of the athletes, confidence of the athletes, Success of the team, and Enjoyment of all.


TRYOUT RESULTS:  Results of the tryouts and practice times will be posted on the website ( by Sunday JUNE 4th. We will post first and last initials along with numbers.


PAYMENTS: All past Tuition and Competition debts must be paid to tryout.


TUITION: (depending on squad) will be approx. $150 per month due on the 1st.

Available for team members is an additional tumbling class for $65 a month extra.


COMPETITION COSTS: Are included in the monthly tuition and tryout fee. They cover music, choreo, 2 competitions and 3-5 demos.

**Personal travel is not included in totals.  We have many different fundraising opportunities to make your cheer experience affordable



  • Complete cost for a new uniform is approx. $165 and warm up is approx. $150. The entire amount is due at fitting. (These fees are not included in competition costs)

  • We will be using the same uniform and warm-ups as last season

  • It may be possible to buy used for ¾ the price. 



We expect 110% from each athlete.

  • Summer practices are important so if you’re in town, be sure to attend. If you plan to be out of town, you will need to communicate the dates with your team coaches.

  • MANDATORY practices begin in Aug 28. See the practice attendance contract in the handbook for more information.    

  • Tardiness is unacceptable – please show respect for your Squad’s time!

  • Athletes must maintain an 90% attendance rate to remain in Choreography. This includes excused absences.

  • Athletes are allowed 2 unexcused absences per season from Aug 28-last competition.

  • Competition weeks are mandatory no absences will be excused.

  • ALL competitions are mandatory.



Tentative COMPETITION SCHEDULE FOR SEASON: (Dates and Venues TBD)** All competitions subject to change. These are possibilities based on what is currently out there, all companies have not finalized next seasons events yet.

            December 2 – Showcase

            January 20, 21– Utah All teams

            February – Kid Fair Demo

            April – Jamz Utah

            May 10 or 11 End of Season Showcase and Banquet

            *** We do have additional opportunities to perform that will happen. We try to get information out as soon as possible. ***


Checklist for Tryouts

  • All prior season accounts must be current (Tuition and Competition)

  • Registration Form

  • Signed Handbook Form 

  • Tryout Fee ($90) non-refundable

  • USASF membership (June)

  • Camp wear sizing form

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