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All Star Cheerleading Teams


 Our All-Star Elite Teams are comprised of athletes from Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley who apply their time and energy to participate in regional and national competitions. 


It is Idaho Cheer’s goal to shape both strong athletes and upstanding people. We strive to help athletes be the best they can be through dedication, hard work, and integrity.

Amethyst-  This is a Mini Level 1 team and is packed with talented members.  Athletes on this team compete both regionally and Nationally throughout the Northwest.  In the past our Amethyst team went undefeated for three years in a row! They are a force to be reckoned with.

Sapphires-  This is our Youth Level 1 team.  It is comprised of athletes 7-11 years old. Athletes on this team compete regionally throughout Idaho, Utah and Oregon as well as two National competitions.  This team is young but mighty.

Topaz-  This team is our Youth Level 2 team. Athletes ages 7-11 years old. They compete both regionally and Nationally.  They, in their words, "bring home the bling."   They are learning at a young age the skills it takes to be an amazing all star, high school, or college cheerleader and are the future stars of Idaho Cheer.

Emeralds-  This is a Senior Level 2 team, and last time we had Emeralds they became the first team in Idaho to win D2 Summit. This is a FUN division filled with creativity and exciting performers. Athletes on this team compete both regionally and Nationally throughout the Northwest. 

Rubies- This team is a Senior Level 3 team. Athletes ages 11-18 years old. They compete regionally and Nationally. This fun routine and hard working team will for sure be one to watch.  They always have an incredible bond and exemplify their motto of "WE over me."

Zircon-  This is an elite Junior team, stacked with talented Level 4 athletes.  This team aged 11-15 yrs old will be one to watch.  Athletes on this team compete both regionally throughout the Northwest and Nationally. This team is stacked with talent and is the training ground for future World's athletes!

Jet- This is a Senior All Girl Level 6 team consisting of athletes ages 13-18.  In 2021 they reached their goal of being the first team from Idaho to compete at The Cheerleading Worlds! To top it off they made HISTORY x2, becoming the first team from Idaho to make FINALS also. They ended up 10th in the WORLD! They compete across the country both regionally and Nationally.  These athletes continually show strength and dedication to their team and their IC family.  They are true performers and continue to push our gym to the highest elite level.