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Our dedicated staff is committed to educating themselves as well as their athletes. OUR entire staff is USASF certified. We attend the USASF regional meeting and the World's Competition Annually.

Julie Claiborne

Owner/Program Director

All Star Elite, Novice & Tumbling Coach

*USASF Lvl 6 certified, USASF Certified Safety Judge, USASF Rep for Idaho
*Professional member of the USASF
*Regional Advisory Board (RAB) Member for the USASF

*AACCA safety certified
*Former cheerleader at Centennial High
*Former gymnast at Wings Center

*Coach of multiple National Champion Teams

*Coach of Summit Team 2019
*First aid and CPR trained


Kristin Jones

All Star Director 

All Star Elite Team & Tumbling Coach

*USASF Lvl 6 Certified coach and professional member
*Regional Advisory Board (RAB) Member for the USASF

*USASF Connection Leader

*AACCA Safety Certified

*SafeSport trained in Athlete Protection
*former gymnast and cheerleader at the University of Idaho
*Bachelor's of Science of P.E. in Exercise Science & Health

*SoConnected Mental Strength Expert
*Coached multiple National title teams

*Coach of multiple Summit teams (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

*Coach of multiple Summit Finalist Teams in 2017, 2018 & 2019

*Coach of 2018 Summit Silver Champion Team & top 10 teams (2017,2018,2019)
*First aid and CPR trained


Diane Thelander

All Star Elite Team & Flight/Flex/Jumps Coach
*USASF certified coach
*former owner of VCSC Pride
*former Head Coach at the California Allstars,  Ventura

*Coach of multiple National title teams

*Coach of International All Levels Champion Team (now known as The Summit)

*Coach of 2017 Summit Silver Champion SS2

*Coach of multiple Summit Finalist Teams (2017,2018,2019)

*Coach of 2018 Summit Champion MS2

*Coach of 4 NCA National Champion title teams 2013-2015

*First aid and CPR trained

Michelle Wagennar

All Star Prep Team Coach

*USASF professional member 
*Collegiate cheerleader at Oregon State University and University of Idaho

*former All-Star Cheerleader and World’s Competitor
*Masters in Management &Leadership and Human Resource Management

*7 years coaching All Star Cheerleading and Tumbling
*Coached multiple National title teams

*Coach of  Summit teams (2014, 2016, 2017)

*Coach of  Summit Finalist Teams (2016, 2017)

*Coach of 2017 Summit Silver Champion Team
*First aid and CPR trained

Peyton Johnson

Prep & Novice Director, Prep & Novice Team Coach

*USASF professional member 

*SafeSport Trained in athlete protection

*former All-Star Cheerleader

*Former Varsity Cheerleader at Capital HS
*First aid and CPR trained

Austin Lisonbee

Tumbling & Stunt Coach
*USASF Lvl 5 athlete
*USASF Safety Certified Coach

*Coach of Summit teams (2019)

*Former Worlds finalist athlete for Cheer Athletics (2018,2019)

*5 years experience coaching All Star Cheer & Tumbling

*CPR trained

Mariah Young

All Star Elite Team & Tumbling Coach
*USASF certified coach

*Regional Adivisory Board (RAB) member for the USASF

*SafeSport trained in athlete protection
*former gymnast, high school cheerleader
*All Star cheerleader and World's Competitor for OC All Stars
*BSU Cheerleader (2011 collegiate National champions)

*Coach of several National title teams

*Coach of multiple Summit Finalist Teams (2017, 2019)

*Coach of multiple Summit Teams (2017, 2018, 2019)

*Current Head Coach at Borah High School

*First aid and CPR trained

Tabitha Lobaugh

All Star Elite & Prep Team Coach, Tumbling Coach
*USASF Lvl 5 athlete

*USASF Professional member
*Varsity Cheerleader for Bishop Kelly
*All Star cheerleader at Idaho Cheer
*competed at World's in 2014 & 2016

*Former Boise State University Cheerleader

*Coach of multiple National title teams

Coach of Summit team (2019)
*First aid and CPR trained

Jenny McKee

Tumbling Coach
*USASF certified coach

*Eagle High School Cheerleader

*Collegiate Cheerleader at Boise State University and Sacramento State

*6 years on UCA (Universal Cheerleaders Association) Staff

*8 years coaching All Star Cheerleading

*Coach of a 2017 & 2018 Summit Teams, 2018 Summit Champion MS2

*13 years coaching High School Cheerleading

*Current Cheer Director and Head Coach at Centennial High School

Madison Baker

Tumbling & Team Coach
*Former All Star athlete at Spirit of Texas

*Former Boise State University Cheerleader

Idaho Cheer  

12400 Overland Rd, Suite 200, Boise, ID  83709

phone: 208-506-9000


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