Recreational Classes

Jumps & Flexibility

Class Fee: $25 per month

This class will focus on building strength and flexibility to improve jumps. Please bring ankle weights to this class.


1 hour$65.00 per month

1.5 hour: $75.00 per month

*Discounted if it's your second class


Flight School

This class will focus on flexibility, strength body control and kinesthetic awareness needed to be successful in the air.  This class is offered for current Idaho Cheer team flyers only.  Others may be added with Director approval.

Class Fee: $20.00 per month

Mini Rec Cheer

This class if for athletes with little or no cheer experience.  It is designed to teach students the basics of tumbling, beginning jumps, motions and basic stunting.


Ages: 4-6 years old

*Must be potty trained


Class Fee: $45.00 per month

Youth Rec Cheer

These classes are for athletes with little or no cheer expereince, and are designed to teach the basics of tumbling, jumps, motions and stunts.  This class will prepare students for competitive cheer teams while experiencing the positive feeling of group effort.  They will learn how to perform in front of a crowd and will have the opportunity to do local exhibitions with their class routine.

Ages 6-12 years old

Class Fee: $50.00 per month

Stunt Clinics

Offered monthly to give athletes an opportunity to work higher level stunt skills while learning proper technique and progression.


Offered occasionally- stay tuned for upcoming dates.


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