The Chasse HighLyte (S1622) is a competitive cheer shoe designed for All Star and mat performances. This white and gray shoe is lightweight, flexible and boasts a low profile design, making it ideal for long performances or practice sessions. The shoe is recommended for indoor use only to avoid damage and ensure optimal performance.

The HighLyte is like the modern competitive cheerleader: sleek, sophisticated, and adaptable. Its white and gray woven knit upper ensures a breathable shoe. On the other hand, the rubber outsole means that the shoe won't get damaged from repeated use in practice, meaning you and your HighLytes will always be ready to perform. The finger grips included on the rubber outsole will ensure you are ready to perform a variety of stunts, thanks to the capable grip of these shoes.

The shoes weigh in at only 4.6 ounces, meaning they won't hold you back during your competition. The HighLytes form to your feet to make you feel weightless, even if you have high arches, a wide toe base or just wide feet in general. With nine youth sizes and 18 adult sizes available, you can outfit your entire squad with these comfortable cheerleading shoes.

Chassé Highlyte Shoe

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