Idaho Cheer is the state's premier cheerleading facility.

Since 1993 we've been working to build stronger athletes through hard work and good character. We were the first cheerleading gym in the Boise area and are fortunate to have the most experienced, dedicated, and qualified staff around. Our cheerleading facility is a USASF member gym, and all of our athletes and staff are USASF safety-certified. We instruct and guide our athletes from the ground up, from their first skill to their most advanced. We invite you to be a part of our program!
Our goal is to inspire great athletes to become great leaders!

Why be an All Star?


Work with others towards a common goal        


Meet new friends


Through performance and goal setting


Mental and physical


Values and time management


Be accountable to your team


For yourself and everyone around you


That’s what All Star is!

Idaho Cheer  

12400 Overland Rd, Suite 200, Boise, ID  83709

phone: 208-506-9000


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