Our Senior L4 team Onyx ended their season at The Summit in Orlando, Florida.  Through some tough circumstances, they bonded together and made everyone proud.  We are proud of this team for their amazing season, and earning the opportunity to compete with the best teams in the Nation in the HP FieldHouse was the perfect ending to a season of hard work and incredible performances.  Go Idaho!

April 15 & 16, 2016 we traveled to Anaheim, California for the American Showcase with Amethyst, Sapphires, Tanzanite, Diamonds and Emeralds.  Our teams did AMAZING made their coaches so proud.  Most of our teams were in the top 5 of their entire level and hit some beautiful zero deduction routines.  We were so happy to end the season on this great note and to get in some fun time at the beach and Disneyland!


  • Tiny Solos- Jonice: Superior, Kaylee; Superior, Niki: National Champion

  • Youth Solo- Hope: Bronze Champion

  • Crystals- 1st Place Senior Prep

  • Amethyst- Superior Mini L1

  • Sapphires-Bronze Champions Youth L1

  • Tanzanite- Bronze Champions Junior L2

  • Diamonds- Silver Champions Junior L3

  • Emeralds- National Champions Senior L2 & Judges Choice Award for Best Performance of the event!

Check out our story on Fox 9 about Idaho Cheer's road to the Summit!

Feb 13-14 our teams traveled to Tacoma, WA to compete at Spirit Cheer Best of the NW Nationals.  We had some great routines and were proud that our teams placed in the Top 10 teams of their level.  There were about 200 teams in attendance.  Tanzanite came home National Champs & Onyx came home with a Bid to The Summit in Orlando, FL.  We received many compliments from coaches of teams around the NW on the caliber of our athletes, and we could not be more proud!


  • Sapphires- 4th Place, Youth L1 & hit ZERO on day 2

  • Tanzanite- Junior Level 2 NATIONAL CHAMPS

  • Diamonds- 4th Place, Junior L3

  • Emeralds- Bronze Champions, Senior L2 & hit ZERO on day 2

  • Onyx- Silver Champions, Senior L4 & hit ZERO on day 1


What is The Summit?  The Summit Cheerleading Championship will take place April 29-May 2, 2016 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. It is a definitive end of the year event for non-worlds divisions.  Only 10% of the best teams from around the country are invited to this innovative, competitive, prestigious and unforgettable event.  Also in attendance are teams from other countries.  Last year teams representing Canada, Germany and Japan competed among the American teams. In total, 45 states were represented out of the USA.  During The Summit on Sunday (finals) viewers worldwide have a chance to The Summit’s live show featuring live commentary of routines, social media interaction and special features on ESPN3.

January 23, 2016 was our final locacl event; 3P Comps Cheer Explosion.  It was held at Timberline High in Boise, Idaho.  All of our teams did amazing, showing off new choreography learned two weeks ago when we brought back coach Kevin from CEA to do choreography cleanup.  We are loving the routine changes and how hard our athletes are working to perfect them.  Here are the final standings:


  • Tiny Solos- Jonice: 4th Place, Kaylee: 3rd Place, Niki: 2nd Place

  • Youth Solo- Hope 1st Place

  • Crystals- 1st Place Senior Prep

  • Gems- Rec "Triple Threat" Award

  • Citrine- 1st Place Tiny L1

  • Amethyst- 2nd Place Mini L1

  • Sapphires- 1st Place Youth L1 (and made it to the Face Off: top 3 teams of the event)

  • Tanzanite- 1st Place Junior L2

  • Diamonds- 1st Place Junior L3

  • Emeralds- 1st Place Senior L2 (Event High Score/Face Off)

  • Onyx- 1st Place Senior L4

December 12, 2015 was our first local event; 3P Comps Holiday Classic.  It was held at Timberline High in Boise, Idaho.  This was our first competition for the following teams; Tiny (Citrines), Mini (Amethyst), Youth (Sapphires), Prep (Crystals), Rec (Gems)  & our solo competitors: Jonice, Niki & Hope.   Every single one of our teams placed 1st and our Senior L2 Emeralds took home the prize for Grand Champs (Highest Percent of Perfection overall).  All of the local teams looked amazing this year, and it was great to see everyone's routines.  Almost all of our teams had zero deduction routines, which is a goal they have been working towards.  Great job to all of our hardworking IC athletes!


  • Tiny Solos- Jonice: 3rd Place, Niki: 2nd Place

  • Youth Solo- Hope 1st Place

  • Crystals- 1st Place Senior Prep

  • Gems- Rec "Top Tumblers" Award

  • Citrine- 1st Place Tiny L1

  • Amethyst- 1st Place Mini L1

  • Sapphires- 1st Place Youth L1

  • Tanzanite- 1st Place Junior L2

  • Diamonds- 1st Place Junior L3

  • Emeralds- 1st Place Senior L2 & Grand Champs

  • Onyx- 1st Place Senior L4


Idaho Cheer's Junior and Senior Teams (Tanzanite J2, Diamonds J3, Emeralds S2 & Onyx S4) traveled to Portland, Oregon Dec 5-6, 2015 to compete at the American Championship's "American Northwest" National Event.  Our kids had an amazing first showing, and made us extremely proud!  Tanzanite came home with Silver Champions and our favorite award- "Best Sportmanship."  Diamonds came home as the J3 National Champions.  Emeralds recieved a Superior Award and Onyx were the Large S4 Bronze Champions.  Our staff recieved numerous compliments on how great our kids competed, as well as how respectful and positive they were.  Way to go Idaho Cheer!

Our Showcase was held on November 7, 2015 at Capital High School.  A special "thank you" to the Capital High Cheerleaders for all their hard work at this event.  All of our teams looked amazing, and debuted our new uniforms for the season.  We revealed each athlete's big/little sister/brother for the season, and we loved seeing our athletes connect with each other and build gym camaraderie. 

Halloween week at IC:

Our athletes dressed up for special themed practices the week of Halloween.  They looked great and had so much fun doing it!  We hope you enjoy seeing their costumes as much as we did.

Sept 19-20 our athletes had the chance to work with John Cronin.  John is the tumbling coach of the 4-peat World Champion Small Coed Level 5 team, the California Allstars SMOED.  In addition to coaching the best tumblers in the world, John is an alumni of the University of Louisville Cheerleading Team, has been a feature tumbler in movies such as Bring It On and Fired Up and is competing on California Allstars Small Coed Level 6 Team, Cali Reckless.  


Our kids had SO much fun and learned a ton from this amazing coach.  Thanks for the visit Coach Cro! 

We can't wait until next year!

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